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Natasha England is no stranger to the music business. Aged 17, she left Scotland for London to follow her passion for music and performing. She successfully worked on both sides of the industry - involved in the management of both David Bowie and Rod Stewart, and later set up her own label, Towerbell, discovering and managing Darts , Chas & Dave , Snowy White etc while still playing live with her band at the likes of The Marquee. As a promoter with Good Earth Agency she arranged European and UK tours for James Brown, Jerry Lee Lewis, Average White Band and The Commodores among others.

Natasha had been so successful working behind the scenes that it would have been tempting to stay there, but having the looks, voice and songwriting talent to match her head for business, a move into the spotlight was inevitable. After all, that is why she came to London....

It was obvious that the fruits of one session (produced by Tom Newman of Tubular Bells fame), that 'Iko Iko' was hit material. This summer smash flew up the charts and two Top Of The Pops appearances later, Iko Iko hit the number 10 spot in the UK. It also charted in Ireland reaching number 7, and New Zealand where it peaked at number 5 as well as scoring the 26th biggest selling single of the year. It was quickly followed by another hit, 'The Boom Boom Room' and a charting album, 'Captured'.

As music was evolving rapidly, Natasha began working on her second album 'Don’t Walk Away' with producersTony Cox and Dave Bascombe, and more importantly she co-wrote all the songs herself. Four singles were released from it, including the Big Country inspired 'Homeland', but radio play proved elusive.

Throughout the 1990’s Natasha kept writing and stockpiling material for her return, as well as engaging in session work with the likes of Jive Nation. Due to contractual problems in the UK she lived in Canada for a while, and wrote and recorded with her music partner - Canadian Gregg Dechert who was in Bad Company and played and toured with Dave Gilmour.

A planned comeback in the early 2000's had to be postponed when Natasha was diagnosed with breast cancer which involved radiotherapy treatment. Ever passionate about music, she kept writing and recording throughout this time.

In 2008, an anthology of her Towerbell material 'Back From The Mists Of Time', a double CD set including several unreleased songs from the period was released, beginning Natasha's association with Platform Records. This was followed in 2010 by Natasha's first new album in 25 years 'Deeper Into Reality' which included the single 'Stop Doing Nothing', an experimental electronic collaboration with Emmy nominated producer Robert Logan, receiving rave reviews.

As a tribute to legendary T.Rex frontman Marc Bolan, and marking the 36th anniversary of the icon's passing, Natasha England recorded her version of 'Get It On' , released on September 16th 2013. The single received the endorsement of the Marc Bolan Appreciation Society.

Natasha's version of 'Iko Iko' enjoyed a resurgence when it was included on the soundtrack to the highest-grossing Italian film of 2014, 'Un Boss In Salotto' ('A Boss in the Living Room').

A new single, 'Work It Out' was released on March 30th 2015. This track was inspired by the House music Natasha heard and loved during the early days of clubs such as Ministry of Sound and Fabric. The single sees Natasha marrying Dance Music with infectious lyrical hooks , soulful melody and vocals, with an old school piano beat. This combination amounts to a wicked Dance track.

In recent years Natasha has been caring for her mother in Scotland in between song-writing and trips to Ireland and Isle Of Wight to record a brand new album with Tom Newman who produced her debut record Captured.

Her mother died in 2017 and Natasha came back to London only to discover a lump in her breast. She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer for the second time in September 2017. She had a particularly aggressive cancer (Her2) which can come back anywhere in the body. She had surgery to remove the cancer and was advised to have both Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy, but this time Natasha had done her research into natural cures and treatment for cancer and she declined both Chemo and Radiotherapy in favour of a more natural and less debilitating treatment/cure.

Along with Tonics, supplements, vitamins, exercise and a healthy diet, Natasha is taking Cannabis Oil with THC and she has never looked and felt better. She is confident in her decision, and is happy to talk about her experience. She is also 100% behind any bill to decriminalise Cannabis with THC for medical use against Cancer and many other diseases and illnesses.

Natasha England made her public return to the music scene in August 2018, releasing a brand new 2-track single and 13-track album ''Somehow''. Combining electronica, jazz, blues, classical and pop, this record delivers the most intricate, inviting, and thought-provoking music she has made to-date.



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